Medea (à la carte) is a performing arts piece based on a long research that began in July 2007 when Esther Freixa i Ràfols and Toni Cots met and a continuous dialogue started, taking the form of a collaborative process, in dealing with various issues related to the artistic work and the theatrical creation.

How does the body open communication channels and dialogue spaces?

What is the function of art as a shared place ?

How public space is questioned over the disclosed intimacy of private space?

What does the myth reveal to us?

Can we today represent and embody a myth?

How to create a dramaturgy in and out of the theatrical action that opens and positions these questions?

In January 2009 began the presentations of Medea (à la carte) in homes and private spaces due to the interest and initiative of the spectators. In September 2010, the work was also presented in other contexts inviting the audience to public spaces and thus opening it to new approaches (see news). At the same time, Medea (à la carte) continues to be present in non-theatrical spaces or theatre venues, in response to invitations of people interested.

Photo extracted from project People that watch by Neus Ballús

Photo extracted from project People that watch by Neus Ballús

Photo courtesy by Homesession

Photo courtesy by Imma Font

Theater Festival of La Rendija Video- Mérida (Mexico 2013)